Monday, 30 April 2018

Value in engaging external specialist…

“Julian, we appreciate the driving force you have put behind the thoughts and ideas we have had that until (now,) were just ideas and words” was part of an email we received from a customer we are currently working with. 

These comments are typical of many of our customers, who tend to be owners of SME’s. They spend most of their time ‘working IN their business rather than ON their business’ meaning, limited time to sit down and plan their future. 

With the day to day activities required in running a business, owners just don’t have the time, resource or experience to think about growing their businesses. At Healthy Business Builder we do have the time, expertise and experience. On behalf of business owners, we primarily prepare and write plans which are mainly with the aim to growing their sales but, we also work on other objectives.

It’s hard to accomplish anything without a plan; whether you’re coaching a football team, cooking Christmas dinner or running a business, you need a strategic plan. With our extensive combined specialist experience, we carry out expansive research (because we have the time) then compile Business Activity Plans, looking at factors businesses could do to increase their sales. The Sales & Marketing process might seem overwhelming, but if it is broken down, it is easy to tackle. We narrow ‘tasks’ down to step by step and segment by segment activities which assists with KPIs, something else we work on.

Having completed and presented the plan, and unlike many agencies such as HBB who say ‘mission accomplished’, we see this as the beginning of our relationship. We then work with and mentor the owner of the plan to assist with its implantation.  Our experience is that many business owners do not feel at all comfortable/have a lack of confidence in carrying out sales activities – something HBB excels at.

Another customer wrote, “The plan is excellent but, as Julian predicted, we do need pressure to activate the activities he has suggested, the reason we have a scheduled ‘meetings’ with him to up-date him on our progress”.

If you want to grow your sales but do not have the time, resource or experience contact us on 0412 206 820 for a no obligation free discuss.

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