Thursday, 23 May 2019

This is really simple stuff but, works enormously well and costs very little!

So often in sales we think the answer has to be complicated.
This is particularly the case when it comes to getting more clients (prospecting).
There are all sorts of advanced systems for finding and converting new customers. These can be very expensive, complex and dangerous – seducing business owners and sales staff into spending too much time studying how they work them and then, relying far too heavily on them.  
I worked for a company that introduced such a CRM system when just this scenario happened. After endless webinars and hours training in the field a Sales Manager said to me ‘listen Julian, do you want me to be an expert with this CRM or sell, as I can’t do both’ A real wake-up call!!!!!
The reality is, there are some really simple ways you can greatly increase how much money you make in your business through new customers. One of these is so basic, so elementary, that most business owners and sales staff ignore it:
Endlessly stay in touch with potential customers.

  • A phone call every couple of months but, not just with the message ‘just checking in’, have a reason for calling. It could be news about your company with a new or revised product or service or, you read something about their company that you would like to learn more about.
  • A e-newsletter with relevant information on your company every month or so.
  • Sending them new samples.
  • Invite them into your place of work to experience a new product or service. Maybe make it an ‘open-house’ with other prospects…..and customers (now, there’s a great combination) with some refreshments....also to meet other members of your team. I have some examples of doing just this with some amazing results - call me to find out more.
  • Pass on an article you might have read which you feel they may not have seen but would find useful/interesting.
  • If they support a sporting team that does particularly well call to congratulate them but, make sure you know what you are talking about as this strategy (and these are all planned strategies) could horribly back-fire.
This is really simple stuff but, works enormously well and costs very little but, very few business owners or sales staff do it, (spending too much time ‘IN’ their business and not enough time ‘ON’ their business!)
So, before you invest in some ultra slick CRM system or begin studying the latest cutting-edge Jedi sales persuasion tricks, take a moment to ask yourself this:
Am I constantly staying in touch with at least twenty potential customers?
Because, this one exceedingly simple sales strategy alone WILL help you grow your business.

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

How Your Energy Affects Your Business Success

Watching an episode of ‘The Good Fight’ the other evening, one of the lawyers had to do some work in call centre. Next to her screen was a mirror and a sign in the middle saying ‘SMILE’. When she asked the supervisor why, he said that “you sound so much better to the person on the other end of the phone when you smile”, which is very true…..try it, I’ve put a sign like that up in front of me.

This made me think of something Siimon Reynolds, one of the world's leading business mentors, recently posted titled How Your Energy Affects Your Business Success.          
When it comes to winning clients, everyone talks about the same things.
Have a great product. Market well. Be price competitive. Go the extra mile.

That kind of stuff.

But there’s another major element that is at least as important to succeed in business. Yet virtually nobody talks about it.

It’s the quality of your energy.

Meaning, how do people feel around you? Are you a neutral or down force, or do you uplift people within your environment with your positivity, passion and interest?

We all know that business is hyper competitive. It’s hard to get any material advantage over your competitors at all - and even those you manage to obtain are usually copied and nullified within months.

There’s always someone who can do it cheaper. And many times, better and cheaper.

So, in a business environment like this, how can we win?

By exuding a better energy. By making people feel fabulous in your presence. By emanating a sense of possibility.

  • By being upbeat and light, even as you discuss issues that are heavy.
  • By being somebody, people feel really good around.
We are kidding ourselves if we think business is done purely on the rational level. Numerous times, and you would have experienced this, decisions made based on how a CEO ‘feels’ about a person or company.

Whether they’d enjoy spending their days working with them.

If you are not doing as well as you could be, take a moment to consider what kind of energy you are giving out.

A better-quality energy changes everything.

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