Tuesday, 20 March 2018

New Year ‘sales’ resolutions to grow your business

The Australia Day weekend sees the end of our holiday season. Next week we return to the real world, albeit slightly hungover, sunburnt and a few kilos heavier. Our New Year's personnel resolutions tucked under our (tighter) belt, but what of our business commitments, here are four suggestions to work on to help make 2018 a better year for you and your business.

1. Work closer with existing customers.

The ‘experts say’ ‘80% of your business invariably come from 20% of your customer base’. Is this the case with your business? It would be an interesting exercise to work on, maybe you will be surprised with the outcome and, it could encourage you to spend more time ‘servicing’ them to grow their orders and your sales.

It’s a hell of a lot easier to get a current client to give you more money than convince a stranger to become your client!

Don’t give up on the prospecting mind you – you need to keep that pipeline ‘topped up’.

2. Value add your offerings

Customers that know you will probably pay you more if you give them reason to. You have worked with them over a period of time so have got to know them. Add an additional or enhanced service or feature to their previous order, a new premium version, and see what happens.

This gives you the opportunity to meet with customers to tell them about something new, that you can say ‘has been especially developed with them in mind’, powerful!

3. Having A Learning Schedule

There are 3 fundamentally different paths to growing your business in the next 12 months:

* Offer something different/better

* Reach more people with your offers

* Become a better entrepreneur

One strategy you could explore to help you with these ideas is to engage a Business Coach to achieve your goals. My customers often tell me ‘We are doing ‘okay’ with the business but know there is potential to grow it however, we do not have the time, resource or experience in sales & marketing to do it’.

Business Coaches can help with potential areas for learning including but not limited to digital marketing, productivity, sales techniques, planning, industry knowledge, leadership, systems building, etc.

4. Time Management

Learning how to be time effective is absolutely vital! You must focus on it this year if you want to really improve your results.

The year will go quickly. You must act now with great force and velocity if you want to dramatically improve your business’s results.

This blog is based on an article by Siimon Reynolds, one of the world’s leading high-performance coaches for CEO’s and entrepreneurs – http://siimonreynolds.com

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